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When Would I Need Technical Cleaning Services?

Technical cleaning services respond to dire situations that everyday cleaning services can’t. Knowing how to prepare for those times can be difficult to say the least. Let’s take a look at Valor’s official guide on how to handle these situations.


What are the Risks of Self Cleaning?

There are many risks associated with attempting a biohazard or unattended death cleanup by yourself. If your property has been exposed to biohazardous materials, such as blood or other bodily fluids, you’ll need the experience and equipment of a team of professional technical cleaners.


What Do Crime Scene Cleanup Companies Do?

Crime scene cleanup isn’t easy work. Companies have to adhere to strict cleaning standards and perform arduous, dirty work while considering loved ones’ emotions and mental state. Continue reading to learn more about crime scene cleanup companies’ duties and the character it takes to fulfill them.


Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Suicide Cleanup?

Technical cleaning companies can provide a safe, ethical, and professional service to those suffering during these challenging times. These companies work with homeowners’ insurance companies to ensure the victims’ families and loved ones don’t have to bear a financial burden in addition to their emotional burdens.

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Do I Need Biohazard Cleaning?

This blog discusses biohazards and when you should use professional biohazard cleaning services. Additionally, it examines hazardous material classifications, threat levels according to the CDC, and biohazard cleanup requirements.

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How Crime Scene Clean Up Works

In this blog, we take a closer look at the professional world of crime scene clean up. First, we define the field and then we walk through some of the finer details to help you understand exactly how this process works. We then review some qualifications you should look for when selecting the right crime scene clean up team.

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What Are After Death Cleaning Services?

Qualified after-death cleaning services understand the severity and sensitivity of the matter they’re responding to. They make it a point to consider the privacy of loved ones by being respectful of their emotions. They also keep their plan discrete and only involve parties that are legally obligated to the details.



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