Homicide Cleanup

What Is Homicide Cleanup?

Valor is here for any family or loved one affected by the tragedy of homicide. Our GBAC-certified technicians can respond safely, adhering to all CDC-defined protocols and OSHA regulations. We respond to these situations discreetly so families can start moving past their emotional trauma and begin healing.  

Homicide cleanup requires attention to detail, the use of potentially harmful chemicals, and potential exposure to harmful bloodborne pathogens. You should never try to complete this intensive job by yourself. 

Valor’s science-based homicide cleanup ensures your family’s and loved ones’ safety while restoring your environment to its original, safe state. We understand this process’s health risks, and we employ the most stringent standards to protect your family from those risks. 

What Is Homicide Cleanup Remediation?

Homicide cleanup remediation includes removing, cleaning, and disinfecting blood, bodily fluids, and potentially harmful pathogens in the area affected by homicide. Because of the inherent risk involved in these situations, homicide cleanup is a specialty service that requires special training, equipment, certification, and licensing.

Valor Technical Cleaning Believes In Two Homicide Cleanup Standards

Getting the Job Done the Right Way

Valor Technical Cleaning believes in rapid, discreet, and thorough biohazard remediation in homicide cleanup situations. We want to restore your environment to its original state so you can begin healing as quickly as possible. Doing this requires the proper cleaning equipment, PPE, cleaning methods, and certified technicians.

Committed to Empathetic Service

Homicide cleanup is about more than cleaning the affected area. It’s about ensuring that you have the right support systems in place and giving you the space to heal. We approach every homicide cleanup with compassion and respect, issuing prompt service and transparent quotes.

Homicide Cleanup Technician Requirements


There are various dangerous aspects to homicide cleanup that require a degree of expertise and technical training. Your homicide cleanup company should have the necessary certifications and licensing to perform these sensitive, demanding tasks. They should also understand proper PPE (personal protective equipment) usage and the appropriate handling of biohazardous materials.


Homicide cleanup companies need dedication. These professionals get exposed to tragic events and harsh conditions daily. To complete the job to a high standard, these professionals need to be tough in the face of adversity while staying sensitive to the client’s emotions.

Attention to Detail

Industry-standard results require meticulous attention to detail. Your homicide cleanup company should understand all the proper steps, procedures, and protocols involved in homicide cleanup. By following these procedures, they ensure proper disinfection and removal of biohazardous materials.


Homicide cleanup technicians need to remain sensitive to the client’s situation. They should be able to provide the proper level of support while not stepping outside of their scope of practice and retaining their professionalism throughout. Technicians should be able to provide support and reassurance when possible.

Our Process


Contact Valor

Contact us immediately for a free quote and a fast response. Our qualified customer service representatives will be able to tell you the next steps to getting your environment back to normal.


Get a Free Quote

Tell a Valor representative the details of the crime scene so they can issue a free quote. They will thoroughly explain the nature of the cleanup to you and make sure you’re comfortable with all of the charges. You can also schedule a prompt response during this step.


Dispatch to the Site

After scheduling the cleanup, our team of professionals dispatches to your house in an unmarked truck and a trailer unit. They haul biohazardous materials off the premises and restore your area to safety through decontamination. After confirming the environment’s safety, payment gets addressed in the appropriate time frame (insurance covers most of Valor’s services).

Homicide Cleanup Licensing and Regulations

There are no official industry-specific regulations for homicide cleanup technicians, but it requires various licenses and training required by different organizations to ensure exceptional service.

Valor Technical Cleaning makes an effort to go beyond industry standards by only hiring the most experienced experts in the field. When you use Valor, you use the best.

Contact Valor for Homicide Cleanup

Valor Technical Cleaning provides all of its clients with prompt & professional homicide remediation. Contact us by phone at (303) 529-4894 whenever you need us (24/7), or use our online contact form if you have questions. We work on any size job for any size building – from individual homeowners to large commercial buildings and everything in between.

In addition to crime scene cleanup – Valor provides other technical cleaning services in situations like hoarding, meth lab contamination, biohazard cleanup after death, as well as COVID decontamination, and other infectious diseases cleanup services.