Hoarding Cleanup


Technical Cleaners with Discretion & Integrity

Hoarding cleanup can be overwhelming – both emotionally & logistically. Valor Technical Cleaning provides hoarding cleanup services and uses expert cleaning processes & compassionate services to restore your living area to a safe condition. Whether you need hoarding cleanup services for yourself, a family member, or a property you own – we approach every cleaning job with professionalism & discretion.

Hoarding cleanup is a multi-faceted project with many potential challenges.

Whether for a single room or a whole house, hoarding clutter can become suffocating. However, unlike other technical cleaning services we provide, not everything is trash. We know that hoarders or their families may have connections to some items. These items must be found, cleaned, and retained. Still, there are many potential health risks involved in hoarding cleanup services such as biohazards, animal waste, mold, mildew, and more. Additionally, hoarding cleanup services don’t only require technical expertise. They also require compassion, respect and privacy.


What is Hoarding?

Hoarding disorder is a serious issue faced by 2-6% of the population that leads people to excessively save items that others do not see as valuable.

Hoarding can occur in any sized space, at home, or at work. In the worst cases, hoarding can lead to problems with social interaction, embarrassment, and withdrawal. It can also cause health & safety concerns such as fire hazards, and impact other normal home activities. Cleanup & disposal is only one component of properly managing hoarding issues, but these must be taken seriously & handled with care.

Valor Technical` Cleaning understands the challenges hoarding cleanup presents and we can help by putting together & implementing a cleanup plan that respects the complicated factors at work with all of the necessary precautions & protection.

Hoarding Cleaning Steps & Precautions:

Because hoarding can affect all aspects of someone’s life, the cleanup process can also include many of the cleaning tasks that we excel at:

  • Respect, compassion, and privacy
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Clutter sorting & disposal
  • Proper PPE & regulation adherence
  • Disinfection & sanitation
  • Odor removal
  • Animal decontamination (droppings, urine, etc)
  • Protect & retain items of value – sentimental or monetary
  • Technical cleaning

Whatever your situation, rest assured that Valor Technical Cleaning is here to help. We’ve seen all kinds of messes and we are not here to judge or place blame. We only work to provide prompt, professional, and confidential hoarding cleanup services

Cleaning Steps

Hoarding Statistics

  • Studies show that up to 6% of the population, or 19 million Americans are affected by compulsive hoarding disorder.
  • Hoarding isn’t a simple defect in people. In fact, studies have shown that hoarders have decreased brain activity in their anterior cingulate cortex, which governs thinking and emotion.
  • A 2012 study found that 22 percent of the people facing eviction had some sort of hoarding issue.
  • One of the main concerns for hoarding is the potential to cause fires. A 2009 study in Australia found that hoarding-related fires ranked among the most deadly of all blazes, with 48 fires responsible for 10 fatalities in a ten-year period.

Why Use a Hoarding Cleanup Company?

Hoarding cleanup is a potentially dangerous job no one should try to complete by themselves. The GBAC-certified professionals at Valor Technical Cleaning can restore your environment to safety. Don’t put your safety at risk. Have Valor take care of everything.


Hoarding Is Labor Intensive

Hoarding cleanup is a physically demanding job that requires strong individuals. Deciding which items to discard or donate takes time. Strategizing how to clear each room does too. Why wear yourself out trying to clean a hoarding mess?

Hoarding cleanup services understand how to perform a thorough inspection and carry out labor-intensive tasks such as moving piles of trash, decluttering, and sanitizing the house. These tasks can also take a ton of time.


Biohazard Contaminates

Hoarding cleanups have potentially harmful substances that cause severe sanitation problems. Dirt and debris quickly collect in hoarding areas, priming them for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

When you use a hoarding cleanup company, you ensure they follow the correct procedures and regulations, including PPE and the sanitary handling of live and dead animals, urine, and bodily fluids. Exposing yourself to these elements without the proper training can result in severe consequences, such as inhaling harmful pathogens such as bacteria and fungus exposing you to various diseases.

pests and rodents

Pests and Rodents

Hoarding causes materials such as rotting material to attract pests and rodents who can carry disease. Hoarding cleanups require fumigation, which requires a licensed cleaning company.



Clutter limits a space’s airflow and ventilation, making it easy for mold to thrive. Hoarders also accumulate items in their homes that may make it difficult to detect water leaks. A house with water intrusion can quickly lead to mold growth and can eventually compromise the home’s structural integrity.

Only a professional service should carry out mold removal as trying to do it yourself can lead to exposure to harmful pathogens.


Required PPE

Some hoarding cleanup requires special equipment that only certified professionals can access. More extensive jobs require hazmat suits.

Our Process


Contact Valor

For your free quote, Contact Valor Technical Cleaning immediately. Our qualified customer service representatives will guide you to the next steps to decontamination and bioremediation.


Get a Free Quote

Valor representatives will listen to all the details of your situation so they can issue a free quote. They will thoroughly explain the cleanup’s logistics to ensure you’re comfortable with all of the charges. The representative will also schedule your prompt response during this time.


Dispatch to the Site

After scheduling the cleanup, our team of bioremediation professionals dispatches to your house in an unmarked truck and a trailer unit. They dispose biohazardous materials off your premises and restore your area to safety through decontamination. After confirming the environment’s safety, payment gets addressed in the appropriate time frame (insurance covers most of Valor’s services).

How Much Does Suicide Cleanup Cost?

In most cases, suicide cleanup is covered by homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies will cover the costs of our services and may even replace damaged items. If your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover suicide cleanup, we’ll work with you to ensure you get the help you need.

Contact Valor Technical Cleaning 24/7 for Hoarding Cleanup

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