Biohazard cleanup is an important and necessary step when an unfortunate event occurs. Cleanup is important when an individual dies, regardless of the circumstances, whether it be homicide, suicide, or unattended death. It is critical to call a professional cleanup service. Bloodborne pathogens can lead to infectious diseases and can contaminate the greater population if not cleaned properly. We ensure the area is properly cleaned, decontaminated, and sanitized. Valor Technical Cleaning is a Veteran Owned biohazard and crime scene cleanup company that services communities in all 50 states. Our specialty is biohazard / after-death cleaning. We make sure your property is safe from any infectious diseases and bloodborne pathogens.

Valor Technical Cleaning is owned and operated by Veterans. Law enforcement agencies across the nation highly recommend us and our services. We are a trusted extension to their teams and our communities. Our job is to ensure biohazard cleanup is done right while making sure the family is taken care of. We are called to assist on a family’s worst days. We work to ensure your home is restored. Our team responds quickly and with compassion. Our team of GBAC and OSHA-certified technicians provide discrete and professional service. We clean up all biohazard / after-death/suicide/homicide/blood / bodily fluid from your property. We work directly with the families to restore the house to its prior state.

If an unfortunate event like suicide does occur, it is important to have a professional cleaning team come and disinfect and clean the area. Cleaning a situation like this yourself can lead to long-term trauma. If not properly cleaned, the area can spread infectious diseases and bloodborne pathogens to the greater community. Take the right steps for yourself and your loved ones. Reach out to Valor if you need our services at 855-476-4911.