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Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Services in Texas

When a biohazardous accident, such as an unattended death or violent crime, occurs at your home or property, you should never be left scrubbing floors or cleaning furniture. You need time to heal and care for yourself, your family, or your employees. This is why we’re here. Valor Technical Cleaning provides professional technical cleaning solutions in Texas for a range of accidents and emergencies. We specialize in crime scene cleanup, decomposition, blood spill cleanup, crime scene cleanup, biohazard cleaning, and more.

Let our team alleviate the physical and emotional burden of your trauma. With our rapid response and discreet, compassionate service, we’ll work diligently to ensure your space is returned to its original and safe condition. Allow the professionals at Valor to take care of the cleaning and decontamination with respect, precision, and dignity so that you can focus on caring for yourself and your family.

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When the worst happens, Valor is here to help - any place, any job, any time.

Valor serves your community with integrity, respect, and an unmatched level of focus and commitment. We work with homeowners, property managers, and landlords to fully clean and decontaminate any space affected by a violent crime, unattended death, or any other type of biohazard remediation. Our OSHA-trained and GBAC certified professional cleaners are standing by to provide an immediate response in your time of need. Valor is proudly veteran-owned and operated and we work with most major home insurance carriers.

Valor is there for whenever you need us. With 24/7 support, compassionate care, and discreet service, we can have your home or office clean and safe again.

Valor’s Technical Cleaning Services in Texas

As the premier crime scene cleanup and biohazard remediation firm in Texas, we’re trained to respond to a variety of accidents and emergencies. Our OSHA-compliant and GBAC certified professional cleaners have the training and experience to take on any technical cleaning task.

At Valor, we specialize in the following scenarios:


Unattended Death Clean Up

In the event of an unattended death, cleaning the scene is the last thing you should be worried about. That’s why we’re here. When someone passes away without anyone knowing, the body will quickly decompose, which can be a health risk. We specialize in unattended death cleanup to help you in these traumatic and stressful situations.

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Crime Scene Cleanup

In the aftermath of a violent crime in your home or office, the last thing you want to do is deal with all the complexities and specifics of cleaning up the affected area. Let our team of expert cleaners restore your space to its original condition.

VTC decomposition cleanup service


Decomposition can occur in your home or office from a variety of sources. Whether caused by a violent crime, an unattended death, hoarding, or even pets, decomposition can lead to health risks and the release of toxic odors within just a few hours. A prompt and thorough response by a technical cleaning expert is key to decrease the risk of any contaminants within the space.

VTC suicide cleanup service


Dealing with the suicide of a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences someone can endure. You shouldn’t have to handle cleaning up in these horrific situations. Valor Technical Cleaning in Texas is here 24/7/365 to take care of everything, restoring the space to its original state and ensuring you can start the healing process.


Hazmat & Biohazards

Biohazard remediation involves the special removal and cleaning of bodily fluids such as blood and other hazardous materials following a crime, accident, death, or other contamination.


Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding cleanup or other home cleaning jobs require not just technical expertise, but also compassion, respect and privacy.

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Covid/Disease Decontamination

A prompt and thorough response by disease sanitization experts is key to decrease the risk of any infections or additional spreading of infected materials in your space.

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Blood Cleanup

In the event of an accident involving blood or other biohazardous waste or materials, you’ll want a team of experts to ensure a safe and effective cleanup process.

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How Does Technical Cleaning Work?

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Call Our Local Texas Office

It all starts with a quick call. We’re available 24/7/365. Call us at (855) 4764911 to have a discreet conversation concerning your technical cleaning needs.
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Schedule Cleaning Services

Give us a time and a place. In most cases, we can schedule immediately.

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Our Expert Team Arrives

Our licensed, professional Valor team will arrive as scheduled and begin working immediately. We operate from unmarked vehicles to maintain your privacy and we dispose of all biohazardous materials per government regulations.

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Professional Cleaning Services

We perform a safe, discreet, and thorough decontamination of the entire affected space. Our specialized tools and equipment ensure that we can return your space to its original condition.

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Payment & Insurance Claims

We won’t worry about payment until the job is completed. In most cases, insurance will cover the costs of our services.

The Industries We Serve in Texas

Valor Technical Cleaning proudly serves homeowners, property managers, community leaders, and commercial or industrial property owners in Texas. No matter the size of the affected space or the complexity of the job, we’re here to ensure that the entire area is completely decontaminated and safe once again. Your safety is our top priority and we approach each job with professionalism, technical expertise, and compassion.

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Why Valor?

We understand that you have options when it comes to choosing a technical cleaning company. However, we believe that our commitment to service, our compassion, and our technical expertise truly sets us apart.

Why choose Valor for your technical cleaning solutions in Texas?

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24/7 Rapid Response

We’ll be there when you need us. Valor offers 24/7/365 service to respond to your needs. Call or email us anytime to see how we can develop a technical cleaning solution designed for you.

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Highly-trained team

Our success is based on our team. Valor’s technical cleaning experts undergo intensive training and earn nationally recognized certifications to ensure that we meet the highest standards in the industry. We observe OSHA and EPA regulations, all necessary safety protocols, and use the latest personal protective equipment to protect your family and our team.

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Compassionate service

Technical proficiency is only the beginning when it comes to technical cleaning. We understand that the sensitive nature of these jobs, such as unattended death cleanup and crime scene cleanup, requires empathy, respect, and discretion.

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Science-based cleaning solutions

We utilize the most advanced tools and research-based methods for every one of our technical cleaning jobs. Our efficient methods completely sanitize the affected space to protect you and your family.