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Valor Technical Cleaning provides respectful, prompt, and thorough biohazard cleanup. Biohazard cleaning is a serious project that must be undertaken by experts because of the potentially hazardous materials & risks involved. Valor Technical Cleaning is here to take the biohazard remediation and cleanup services off your hands quickly & confidentially so you can get back to your normal life with as little stress as possible.

We work with homeowners, business owners, and property managers from our main office or from our satellite technical cleaning offices.

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Contact Valor Technical Cleaning 24/7 if you need biohazardous waste & hazmat cleanup in Colorado – or contact us online if you aren’t in urgent need but have questions for our team of technical cleaning experts.

What is Biohazard Cleanup?

Biohazard cleanup, also called biohazard remediation, refers to the process of cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing of an area that has been affected by blood, bodily fluids, or other potentially hazardous materials. Biohazard cleanup is needed following a violent crime, unattended death, or any other scenario that involves these hazardous materials.

As a homeowner or property manager, you would never want to attempt a cleanup job like this by yourself due to the risk of exposure to harmful materials. This is why Valor Technical Cleaning was created in the first place. You’ll need a professional technical cleanup company to get the job done right. (modafinil predaj online) With the proper training, certification, personal safety equipment, and experience, we can completely sanitize the entire area that was affected and ensure your space is safe.


Possible Biohazard Cleanup Situations & Hazardous Materials

It can be easy not to realize that a mess you are dealing with qualifies as a biohazard, especially if you aren’t prepared or aware of potential risks. Properly cleaning hazardous materials goes way beyond normal cleaning with household chemicals.

Here are some potential situations that would require the services of a professional technical cleaning team:

  • Blood & other bodily fluids (bile, ascitic fluid, amniotic fluid, etc.)
  • Bloodborne pathogens
  • Sewage cleanup & sanitizing
  • Crime scene or trauma cleanup
  • Hoarding situations
  • Virus or bacterial decontamination
  • Chemical spills
  • Meth lab contamination
  • Animal waste or remains
  • Other hazardous materials: as recognized by OSHA and other regulations, often flammable, corrosive, or reactive to air or water.

If you are dealing with any of the above, or may be, but aren’t sure – contact Valor Technical Cleaning immediately. Our qualified biohazard cleaners will talk through your situation, and we are prepared any day or time to send our inspection team out for an analysis and estimate. In many cases, biohazard cleanup costs may be covered by your insurance company.

How Much Does Biohazard Cleanup Cost?

In most cases, biohazard cleanup is covered by homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies will cover the costs of our services and may even replace damaged items. If your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover biohazard cleanup, we’ll work with you to ensure you get the help you need.

How Much Does Biohazard Cleanup Cost?

In most cases, biohazard cleanup is covered by homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies will cover the costs of our services and may even replace damaged items. If your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover biohazard cleanup, we’ll work with you to ensure you get the help you need.

Our Process

Contact Valor

Contact Valor

Contact us immediately for a free quote and a fast response. Our qualified customer service representatives will be able to tell you the next steps to getting your environment back to normal.

Get a Free Quote

Get a Free Quote

Tell a Valor representative the details of the crime scene so they can issue a free quote. They will thoroughly explain the nature of the cleanup to you and make sure you’re comfortable with all of the charges. You can also schedule a prompt response during this step.

Dispatch to the Site

Dispatch to the Site

After scheduling the cleanup, our team of professionals dispatches to your house in an unmarked truck and a trailer unit. They haul biohazardous materials off the premises and restore your area to safety through decontamination. After confirming the environment’s safety, payment gets addressed in the appropriate time frame (insurance covers most of Valor’s services).

Respectful & Safe Biohazard Cleaning

Our #1 priority with any biohazard cleanup project in Colorado is the safety of you, your community, and our team. This includes the time when we are actively cleaning, and our commitment to not leaving until the job is done and your property is 100% clean & safe.

Valor’s Technical Cleaning team goes overboard in protecting the scene during cleaning, keeping themselves and you safe – and preventing any hazardous materials from contaminating other areas. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is key for anyone in the area during cleaning, as well as keeping track of any potentially hazardous materials that are removed from the space.

After we are finished with our technical biohazard cleanup process – you can rest assured that your space is clean with no safety risks remaining. To achieve this level of confidence, we stop at nothing to identify & clean any possibly contaminated areas or objects. We will do our best to tell you ahead of time, but it may be necessary to completely remove or dispose of things in the space such as carpeting, upholstery, and clothing.

Along with our commitment to safety, we also strive to be respectful & compassionate during this stressful time. Valor Technical Cleaning has processes in place to make sure we are prompt & discreet while providing the highest quality cleaning service in Colorado. We will work hard to make sure your home, business, or property is safe so you can get back a sense of normalcy ASAP.

Who Do We Serve?

When an accident or crime has exposed biohazardous materials in your home, office, or community, give us a call. We regularly work with homeowners, business owners, property managers, and community leaders to provide safe, fast, and discreet technical cleaning and removal of any biological materials that could pose a health risk. No matter the building or the size of the job, our professional cleaning experts can restore your space to its original and safe condition.

24/7 Biohazard Cleanup

Contact Valor Technical Cleaning for biohazard cleanup and additional technical cleaning services. If you need immediate assistance, call (303) 529-4894 now to speak to our cleanup dispatch team. You can also contact us online with any questions for our biohazard experts.

Once you start working with Valor – you are our priority. Let us handle this potentially traumatic, stressful situation with respect & compassion so you can feel safe in your space again.