Today on the Valor Voice it is our distinct honor and pleasure to have on Lt. Bowdoin, from the Harris County Sheriff’s office.

Lt. Bowdoin is a US Army Veteran who started his career in law enforcement in 1990. ( Lt. Bowdoin is a man of faith and in 2000 he began senior pastoral ministry and is now a Chaplain at The Liberty Worship Center in Houston, Texas. He has also been married to his wife Jennifer now for 32 years. Lt. Bowdoin is currently with the sheriffs office as a deputy and a pastor.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to serving and protecting its citizens in the Houston area, and our team at Valor Technical Cleaning is proud to support their efforts.

Valor is focused on cleanup and remediation of unattended deaths, suicides, crime scenes across the nation, with Texas offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. 

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