The Veteran Suicide Rate Has Risen

According to the VA, in 2017, an average of 17 veterans died by suicide each day. Of those, 14 were not receiving care from the VA at the time of their death. In 2018, the VA released data showing that the veteran suicide rate was 1.5 times higher than the general population. The suicide rate among female veterans being 2.2 times higher than the general population. The VA found that the veteran suicide rate was highest among veterans aged 18-34. This 2019 study found that the second highest rate was those aged 55-74. Also reported; veterans who use VA health care had a lower suicide rate than those who did not. The VA found that certain risk factors may increase the risk of suicide among veterans. Some of these include mental health issues, substance abuse, distress related to military service, and access to firearms.

 Restore Dignity and Respect

Valor Technical Cleaning is proud to provide a service that helps familes of veterans. Our goal is to restore dignity and respect to the families of veterans who have tragically taken their own lives. Every time we take on a job cleaning after a veteran suicide, we do it with the utmost respect and professionalism. We work to help to bring some closure to a family that is going through a difficult time.

Working with Compassion

We are deeply moved by the stories we hear from families of vetreans. Our goal is to help them in any way we can. No one can truly understand what a family is going through when they lose a loved one in this way. We do our best to provide comfort through this difficult time. Knowing that the scene has been professionally cleaned and restored to its original state helps to give peace and closure.

We take great care to remove any evidence of the incident so that families can focus on the healing process. At Valor Technical Cleaning, we are honored to be able to provide this service to the families of veterans. This is an extremely difficult time for the families and loved ones. We strive to ensure that the scene of the incident is treated with the utmost respect and dignity. We are truly grateful for the service of our veterans. It is an honor to be able to serve them in this way.

Valor’s technicians understand the delicate nature of the job and strive to provide the best possible service to our clients. If you or someone you know needs the help of a biohazard, after-death cleaning company, please reach out to Valor for all suicide, unattended death, decomposing body, or crime scene cleaning. Our trained and compassionate team is on hand 24/7/365 to assist you. Please call 855-476-4911 for a free consultation regarding our services.