An unattended death and decomposition of a body require proper cleanup. Just a standard cleaning service will not suffice. You’ll need a biohazard company that can properly disinfect and sterilize the entire home. This is necessary to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens and other infectious diseases from a decomposing body.

No one is ever ready to deal with the passing of a loved one. An unattended death can be from natural causes, from a suicide, or after a crime scene. Whatever the case, it is never easy to receive that news. When it happens to someone you care for, the next steps can be very overwhelming.

Unattended death and decomposition cleanup is not just a simple cleaning and sanitizing of an individual’s home. Family members of the deceased may believe that they can clean an area after their loved one’s body is removed. Here a Valor, we believe it should be done by trained experts who have proper PPE. We can contain any pathogens and diseases that can be spread by a decomposing body. Proper disposal of anything contaminated with biohazardous materials on it is also necessary. Putting biohazard material in a trashcan can spread diseases to the greater population. You do not want the last memory of your loved one to be of you cleaning up a scene. No one should have to remember their loved one in this way.

When someone dies, decomposition can begin within minutes. Blood and bodily fluids will be released and can containment the entire home. Pathogens and bacteria spread quickly and can get into the flooring all the way to an HVAC system and into the air. Bloodborne pathogens and unknown diseases can make anyone who comes in contact with the area sick/ill. Proper PPE is required for all of these cleanup situations. We highly recommend that family members do not clean the area. Call Valor to make sure the area is decontaminated and we dispose of biohazards materials properly.

Home cleaning products (Clorox and other cleaning solutions from the store) will not safely clean, disinfect, and sanitize a home that has had a decomposing body. Any biohazard content left behind can spread rapidly making the home unlivable and can spread infectious diseases. Bodily fluids, blood, gases, odors, bacteria, and other pathogens need to be properly treated by professionals and completely contained in order to make the home a livable situation again. Valor has trained professionals clean and makes the house a home again.

Cleaning a situation like unattended death/decomposition yourself can lead to long-term trauma and if not properly cleaned, the area can spread infectious diseases and bloodborne pathogens to the greater community. Please reach out to Valor if you need our services at 855-476-4911 to clean and disinfect the entire area.