Professional Veteran Owned Technicians

When a natural death, unattended death (decomposing body), homicide, or suicide occurs in your home it is important to have the scene cleaned by professionals. The veteran Owned company, Valor Technical Cleaning, is the leader n natural unattended death, decomposition, and suicide cleanup in the United States

When an unfortunate or tragic event occurs in your home there can be blood spills, bloating, gasses, and bloodborne pathogens in the air that can cause harm to the greater population if not properly contained.  Paper towels and bleach cannot properly clean blood. Despite knowing the deceased, they may have diseases that are unknown to you. If not cleaned properly, these pathogens can spread. Putting blood (biohazard content) into a trash can will spread infectious diseases to the greater population. It is important to have a certified licensed professional with proper safety equipment to clean and sanitize the home.

Call Valor Technical Cleaning in the event of losing a loved one from natural causes or suicide. As trained and empathic technicians we will work with the family to help make their house a home again. The trauma and emotional hardship after a suicide can be very difficult. Despite thinking that you are prepared to clean up a scene, you do not want the last memory you want of a loved one to be in that situation. Valor can help you and your family through the entire process. We can provide resources after to help with the grieving process

If an unfortunate event does occur, it is important to have a professional cleaning team come and disinfect and clean the area. Cleaning a situation like this yourself can lead to long-term trauma. If not properly cleaned, the area can spread infectious diseases and bloodborne pathogens to the greater community. Take the right steps for yourself and your loved ones. Reach out to Valor if you need our services at 855-476-4911.