This week on Valor Voice we had the pleasure of speaking with Nancy Lewis about the work that her organization does to help victims throughout the state of Colorado. In a state that has experienced more than its fair share of mass tragedies in recent years, the efforts of Nancy and her team at the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) have been crucial for helping communities recover and grow past the trauma.

Nancy has been the Executive Director of COVA since 1994. Originally founded in 1982, the organization has been committed to fairness and healing for crime victims, their families, and their communities through leadership, education, and advocacy. By operating in an inclusive and compassionate manner, COVA creates solutions and positive change.

COVA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit statewide membership organization, with over 800 members throughout Colorado. Their membership includes personnel from the criminal justice system, nonprofit organizations providing assistance to victims of crime, survivors of crime, concerned citizens, and members of allied professions (human service, education, mental health, clergy, etc.)

Nancy was gracious enough to sit down with the CEO and founder of AD Valor Technical Cleaning, Greg Londo, to share insights and lessons from her work in victims’ assistance over the decades.

Valor is focused on cleanup and remediation of unattended deaths, suicides, crime scenes across the Colorado region. 

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