This week on Valor Voice we’re speaking with Vincent about the importance of mental health and suicide awareness in relation to the United States veteran community. A recent study found that Colorado is of the highest-ranking states in terms of suicide, which is one of the leading causes of death amongst young people in our state. In this episode of the Valor Voice Podcast, Vincent Atchity talks about suicide prevention in Colorado, suicide amongst veterans, and how we can take steps around prevention and awareness to move forward.

Vincent Atchity is a public health advocate dedicated to strengthening community health and equity. He is the current president and CEO of Mental Health Colorado and works to connect local health advocates and partners with new mental health resources, strategies, and education opportunities. His advocacy efforts assist with improving Colorado community health outcomes developing efficient cost management for Mental Health Colorado’s projects, events, and outreach efforts. 

The CEO and founder of AD Valor Technical Cleaning, Greg Londo, attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and after served in Iraq, where he received the bronze star for his service. In this episode, he discusses his connection with mental health issues that affect the veteran community, and the continuing need for community mental health awareness efforts in Colorado.

Valor is focused on cleanup and remediation of unattended deaths, suicides, crime scenes across the Colorado region. 

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