Hoarding Cleanup in Colorado

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Hoarding cleanup can be overwhelming - both emotionally & logistically. Valor Technical Cleaning is here to help with hoarding cleanup across Colorado with expert cleaning processes & compassionate services. Whether you are managing cleanup for yourself, a family member, or a property you own - we approach every cleaning job with professionalism & discretion. 

Hoarding cleanup is a multi-faceted project with many potential challenges.

In just a room or in a whole house, the amount of things to remove can be immense - but unlike other cleaning projects we undertake, not everything is trash. We know that hoarders or their families may have connections to some of the items that must be found, cleaned if necessary, and retained. Still, many of the potential health risks we handle exist in hoarding cleanup situations as well: biohazards, animal waste, mold, mildew, and more. Hoarding cleanup or other home cleaning jobs require not just technical expertise, but also compassion, respect & privacy.

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What is Hoarding?

Hoarding disorder is a serious issue faced by 2-6% of the population that leads people to excessively save items that others do not see as valuable. It is unique from collecting, or just keeping a messy house (although Valor can help with any serious cleaning job).

Hoarding can occur in any size of space, at home or at work. In the worst cases it can lead to problems with social interaction, embarrassment, withdrawal - as well as health & safety concerns, fire hazards, and impact other normal home activities. Cleanup & disposal is just a component of properly managing the problem, but must be taken seriously & with care.

Valor Technical Cleaning understands the situation and can help by putting together & implementing a cleanup plan that respects the complicated factors at work - with all of the necessary precautions & protection.

Hoarding Cleaning Steps & Precautions:

Because hoarding can affect all aspects of someone’s life, the cleanup process can also include many of the cleaning tasks that we excel at:

  • Respect, compassion, and privacy
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Clutter sorting & disposal
  • Proper PPE & regulation adherence
  • Disinfection & sanitation
  • Odor removal
  • Animal decontamination (dropping, urine, etc)
  • Protect & retain items of value - sentimental or monetary
  • Technical cleaning

Whatever your situation, rest assured that Valor Technical Cleaning is here to help. We’ve seen all kinds of messes and are not here to judge or place blame, only to provide prompt, professional, and confidential technical cleaning services.

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