Emergency Board Up in Denver & Colorado

Colorado Technical Cleaners with Discretion & Integrity

Valor Technical Cleaning now offers 24/7 emergency board up services in Denver & throughout Colorado. If your home, business, or property has been damaged and needs protection from weather and further damage - our new board-up team is here to help.

Vandalism, crime, and car accidents can all cause damage to your property, in addition to requiring crime scene cleanup. Our priority in all of our work is your safety, our team’s safety, and the safety of our community. In addition to keeping you safe from potential biohazard risks with technical cleaning, we can also keep your home or property safe after an emergency.

Contact Us Now

Contact us now by calling (303) 529-4894 any day or time, or using our online contact form, for emergency board ups in Denver & Colorado. Valor’s board up specialists are ready 24/7 to secure any size/shape of structure: windows, doors, garage doors, floors, etc.

Fast 24/7 Board Up Services

When the worst happens, Valor understands that you can’t wait - we’re available around the clock and our response team can be quickly dispatched to your location. Upon arrival, we’ll develop a fast action plan to address any board up or cleaning needs - inform you of the plan - and get to work. Our fast board up response team is not only prompt, but also respectful and discreet, using unmarked work vehicles.

If you are in need of board up services - it is very important to act quickly to minimize damage and liability. Insurance oftens covers boarding up windows & doors - and may even require it as part of their coverage terms. Whether it is a broken window or a truck through your wall, any unprotected opening to your building can leave you vulnerable to further damage from the elements or further crime/vandalism.

Door & Window Board Up After Crime/Vandalism

Regardless of the specific situation, dealing with any crime or otherwise traumatic event occurring on or near your property can be overwhelming. Let Valor take care of the immediate logistic concerns like clean-up or boarding up so you have a few less things to worry about.

Vandalism, home invasions, robbery (attempted or otherwise), gunshots, and other crime can all cause damage that impact the safety of your property - even if it seems minor:

  • Window damage - smashed, cracked, shattered, broken
  • Broken door and/or door frame
  • Damaged Garage door
  • Compromised wall, ceiling, or floor

Even if your door appears to shut, or your window is only cracked - it is important to properly examine the damage to make sure your building remains secure from further risk. A cracked window can be more easily broken, and an otherwise sound door that no longer locks is no longer effective.

Contact Valor for 24-hour Board Up Services in Denver & CO

Contact Valor Technical Cleaning for emergency board up services in Denver and Colorado after crime, vandalism, or any other emergency. Call (303) 529-2894 right now for immediate 24/7 assistance, or use our contact form if you have any questions for our board-up team. We’re also here to help with other parts of the aftermath, like biohazard decontamination or crime scene cleanup.

Your home or business are more than just a building, they are important to your security & wellbeing. Valor is here to help - once you contact us, you are our #1 priority.