Crime Scene Cleanup in Colorado

Colorado Technical Cleaners with Discretion & Integrity

In the aftermath of a violent crime in your home or building - the last thing you want to do is deal with all the complexities & specifics of crime scene cleanup. Valor Technical Cleaning is here for you. Our trusted crime scene cleaners throughout Colorado take a professional & discreet approach to forensic cleaning. Once we’re on the job, you can rest easy and begin moving on from the incident while we take care of the mess.

The police, EMTs, and coroner are not responsible for cleanup or disposal of dangerous & traumatic messes.

Many home or property owners that learn about Valor Technical Cleaning are surprised that neither the police, EMTs, nor coroner are not responsible for cleanup or disposal of dangerous & traumatic messes. Usually, it’s not that they expect it - more that they have never considered it before.

Hopefully, if you are in this situation, the emergency responders refer you to a trusted crime scene cleaner in your area (like Valor Technical Cleaning). If not, you can be left with a difficult, and potentially risky, task right after a traumatic & difficult experience - or even worse, passed off to a cleanup crew that is not accustomed to these situations and may not have your best interest at heart.

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If and when you need expert, level-headed crime scene cleanup (and we hope you don't!) - please call Valor Technical Cleaning at (303) 529-4894. We're available 24/7 in Colorado to handle any situation. You can also contact us online with any questions for our team.

What Makes A Professional Crime Scene Cleaner?

With recent popular TV shows & movies - there are a lot of newcomers to the crime scene cleanup industry. There are also a few big national players with call center & huge marketing budgets. So how do you pick the right crime scene cleaner - either for a one-time job or a long-term technical cleaning partner?

At Valor Technical Cleaning - we believe it comes down to 2 core ideas:

1. Getting the Job Done (Right)

At the end of the day, you’ve got a problem (a mess) & we want to solve it for you - quickly, discreetly, and correctly. Contact us 24/7, give us the location and a few details, and our expert crime scene cleaners will be on their way to your location with the proper equipment, PPE, and cleaners.

Being safe & thorough is our priority, but we understand that speed is important as well. Getting the crime scene clean, disinfected, and safe is important to opening back up for business - or starting the process of feeling safe & comfortable at home.

2. Committed to Quality Service & Care

Crime scene cleanup is more than just disinfecting, it’s about moving past whatever traumatic situation may have led up to the mess. It can be almost impossible to do that if you’re staring the aftermath right in the face - or struggling with logistics & details of cleanup.

We approach every call, quote and job with compassion & respect, treating you and your situation with dignity. Some of our clients want to know about the details & the process to feel safe, while others just want us in & out as quickly & discreetly as possible so they can get back to their normal routine. Whatever you need - Valor Technical Cleaning is here for you.

Crime Scene Cleanup Licensing & Regulations

There is no official industry-specific regulation for crime scene cleanup, but there are a variety of licenses & training required by different organizations to protect the public (and our team). Valor Technical Cleaning makes an effort to go above & beyond - exceeding industry training standards to provide the best experience to you.

Contact Valor for Crime Scene Cleanup in Colorado

Valor Technical Cleaning provides prompt & professional crime scene cleanup across Colorado. Contact us by phone at (303) 529-4894 whenever you need us (24/7), or use our online contact form if you have questions. We work on any size job for any size building - from individual homeowners to large commercial buildings and everything in between.

In addition to crime scene cleanup - Valor provides other technical cleaning services in situations like: hoarding, meth lab contamination, biohazard & hazmat cleanup, after death cleaning, as well as COVID and other infectious diseases.