When we started Valor Technical Cleaning, we did so with a desire to serve others and serve our communities. After starting this business, we felt that our civic responsibility was to continue giving back to the communities surrounding us. In doing so, philanthropy became a defining path for us. When you become involved in a business that experiences tragedy as often as ours does, giving back becomes a calling to be considered on a day-to-day basis. 

We want to share why philanthropy is an essential part of Valor and how other small businesses can get involved and make a difference in the lives of others. 

You don’t have to be a big-name business to get involved in philanthropy. A small business with just a few employees can make a difference in the community by making donations, volunteering, or engaging in local community causes. While small efforts may not seem like they are making a difference, the families or communities can feel an impact regardless. 

Philanthropy builds a community of compassionate, generous, and supportive individuals who are willing to put others first and help provide solutions for long-term successes. Not only is giving back to your community beneficial on a personal level, but charity and volunteering efforts reflect well on your small business. While you may not have a lot to give, many communities will acknowledge your effort and dedication to helping a cause. 

At Valor, our philanthropic work is dedicated to serving Veterans and Law Enforcement Officials. We are honored to serve the people around us who have served others by putting their lives on the line. It is a cause that myself and other founders hold near to our hearts as Veterans ourselves. The Valor team is dedicated to helping others and working with organizations and agencies to provide the resources needed for prevention and outreach. 

Benefits of Philanthropy

One leading benefit of philanthropy is that you can connect and build relationships with a broader network of individuals and businesses. All of which could lead to long-lasting friendships, partnerships, and service to the community. So whether you start small or take a more hands-on approach, the possibilities are endless for what doors it could open for your business.

In addition, employees want to know that the company they work for cares and is willing to contribute to the community. Sharing your philanthropic work with your staff and offering opportunities to become involved not only strengthens the bond between employees but improves overall morale. Some creative ways to engage employees would be to join in volunteer work, offer an employer-matched donation, or allow your employees to choose a local charity to donate to monthly. 

How Small Businesses Can Achieve This

There are numerous ways to give back and show your support within the community. We’ve included four ideas that any small business can implement to begin their journey into philanthropy.

Give To Local Charities

If you want to get involved but can’t find the time, donating or giving to a local charity might be the best option for your business. Start researching local causes and organizations in your neighborhood or surrounding community that are relevant to your business and align with your values

Regardless of the service your business provides, there are options to donate products, services, or make a monetary donation to a cause that you and your team feel passionate about.  

Local Community Involvement

Getting involved hands-on in the community takes dedication and commitment. However, if you’re willing to put forth the time and resources, then the rewards become well worth the sacrifice. Lending a hand to someone navigating a challenging time or situation can add incredible value and meaning to the life of your business. 

Community involvement is going to look different for every small business. At Valor, our approach to community involvement is by engaging and discussing difficult topics with experts in the public health community using Valor Voice, our podcast. Our goal is to shed light on important community organizations and the voices paving the way to support those in need. 

Aid Local Service Groups In Your Community

Whether you’re interested in helping children, victims, first responders, animals, or the environment, local service groups in your immediate community or surrounding cities may need additional support. Make a list of service groups in your area that you care about and reach out to see if you can contribute in a way that is appropriate for your business. 

Volunteer Work

Sometimes, philanthropic work can feel a bit selfish oddly because the reward of volunteering and helping others can be exhilarating. But that positivity you feel doesn’t need to be something to shy away from. 

Remember whether a C-suite executive spends a day on the weekend volunteering or a whole small business takes the day to volunteer together, any contribution can make a difference. So plan, share, and join in volunteer events in the local community by helping at a fundraiser, participating in a clean-up, or assisting those in immediate need. 

Small changes can make lasting positive impacts. If you’re ready to get started on your path of small business philanthropy, then start making a list of issues or topics you’re passionate about and reach out to causes or organizations in your community to see how you can help. By working together with those in your community, you can find ways to help those in need.