In recent years, podcasting has emerged as one of the most effective, accessible, and enjoyable ways to connect with others. Podcasts can instantly connect people from all over the world and enable them to share information, stories, and ideas. In fact, some of the top podcasts out there have millions of listeners. From sports, movies, music, to history, there’s no topic that hasn’t been covered by this innovative platform. 

Podcasting enables you to connect with others, share information and resources, and build a stronger community. These are the reasons why we at Valor Technical Cleaning have recently developed our own podcast: Valor Voice. With this new podcast, Valor will be able to reach more people than ever to share information and resources about mental health, suicide awareness, the importance of technical cleaning services, and more. In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at Valor’s new podcast and how this new platform enables Valor to connect and grow with its community. 

Valor Technical Cleaning is a leading technical cleaning company—dedicated to serving those in need. We specialize in responding to various emergencies and accidents, such as unattended death cleanup, crime scene cleanup, biohazard remediation, blood spills, and more. Our professional team of experienced technical cleaners approaches each job with technical expertise and compassion. We understand the complexity of these traumatic situations, which is why we ensure the highest level of service to those in our community. 

Who is Valor Technical Cleaning?

Valor Technical Cleaning is a veteran-owned and operated company that specializes in a variety of technical cleaning solutions. Greg Londo, a US Army veteran, founded Valor in 2020 to further serve his community. Valor is designed to specialize in jobs that normal cleaning businesses aren’t equipped to handle. When the worst emergencies or accidents occur at your home or office, Valor is only a call away to help.

Valor specializes in a variety of technical cleaning services, including:

·  Unattended death cleanup.

·  Crime scene cleanup.

·  Blood cleanup.

·  Suicide cleanup.

·  Decomposition.

·  Homicide cleanup.

·  Biohazard remediation.

·  Hoarding cleanup.

·  Emergency board up.

·  COVID-19 decontamination. 

What is Valor Voice?

At first glance, technical cleaning and podcasting may not seem like they naturally go together, but Valor believes differently. Valor Technical Cleaning developed Valor Voice to provide a resource for those who are driven by a call to service and for those who strive to serve others in their hours of greatest need.

In some cases, those who are dedicated to serve find it challenging to focus on themselves and their own well-being. Valor Voice is designed to provide a forum that highlights those who ceaselessly work for others. On this podcast, we will explore how a dedication to service can impact our own health and well-being, in addition to discussing ways we can focus on reconciling our desire to serve while practicing self-care. 

The Power of Podcasts

You may still be wondering why Valor chose to make a podcast. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be an inherent link between technical cleaning services and podcasts. But if you look closer, you’ll see the power of podcasting and how this unique digital medium can help connect people and raise awareness.

So, why exactly have podcasts become such a powerful new platform?

1. Personal connection: so many people love podcasts because it feels like you’re having a conversation with the host. This conversational, approachable style allows for a more intimate connection between the host and listeners.

2. Easy to consume: podcasts make it easy to learn, share, and discover new ideas. You don’t need a lot of technical equipment to get started—simply use your favorite digital device to instantly stream or download countless podcasts.

3. Portable: let’s be honest: most of us don’t have enough time in the day to sit down, relax, and listen to all our favorite podcasts. But the great thing about podcasts is that you don’t have to be sitting in your living room. Whether downloaded or streaming online, you can take podcasts almost anywhere and listen from your smartphone.

4. Cost-effective medium: one reason why podcasts have spread like wildfire is because they’re relatively simple and cost-effective to create. Simply find a topic you’re passionate about, and with the assistance of a microphone and a basic recording program, you can start making your very own podcast to share across the world. 

A Sneak Peek into Valor Voice

One of the most exciting things about Valor Voice is that we’re just getting started. One of the first episodes we produced was a conversation with Vincent Atchity, the current president and CEO of Mental Health Colorado. On this podcast, Vincent discusses the importance of suicide prevention in Colorado, the rate of suicide among veterans, and how we can all take steps toward suicide prevention and awareness. 

As we learned, Colorado is one of the highest-ranking states in terms of suicide, which is one of the leading causes of death for young people throughout the entire country. Vincent works closely with local health advocates to develop and implement new mental health resources, strategies, and educational opportunities. His advocacy work strives to improve community health throughout Colorado. He also assists with developing efficient cost management strategies for all of Mental Health Colorado’s projects, events, and outreach programs.

In this episode, Greg Londo discusses his connection with mental health issues that impact the local veteran community. He also highlights the continuing need for community mental health awareness efforts throughout Colorado and the entire country. 

Conclusion – Valor Gives Technical Cleaning a Voice

Valor Technical Cleaning is a veteran-owned and operated business providing services in crime scene cleanup, biohazard remediation, unattended death cleanup, hoarding cleanup, and more. We understand the emotional burden and need for discretion and compassion called for by these unexpected events. Our team of professional, certified technical cleaners will treat your situation with the compassion and care it deserves while providing technical expertise in cleaning and sanitizing your space. If you’re ever in the need of crime scene cleaners or other technical cleaning services—know that you’re not alone.  

Contact us at Valor Technical Cleaning to learn more about our services. We’re available 24/7 to respond to any accident or emergency that may require the specialized work of a technical cleaning team. For most cases, we can immediately schedule your appointment. Allow us to help ease your emotional burden and return your home or office to a place of comfort and safety so you can begin the healing process.