Washington State Funeral Directors Association Podcast with Valor Technical Cleaning

The Washington State Funeral Directors Association is a professional non-profit association. Their goal is to sustain, encourage, and promote the funeral profession through continued education, legislation, and community involvement. Valor Technical Cleaning is a proud sponsor of WSFDA. We are thoroughly impressed with their organization, its members, and the families they support throughout Washington.

A little bit about WSFDA

As the professional association of funeral providers in Washington, the WSFDA is solely focused on one primary goal – fulfilling the needs of its members. They are the largest non-profit funeral service association in Washington State. They are your number one source for information, resources, and Continuing Education. WSFDA understands the challenges that your businesses face. They are highly committed to providing the essential tools and resources to successfully serve you, your families, and your business.  WSFDA ismore than just an association, they are your extended staff who are committed to working tirelessly on your behalf.

Greg Londo, CEO & Founder at Valor Technical Cleaning, and Ryan Gausman, Pacific Northwest Market Leader had the pleasure to sit down with Rob Goff on the WSFDA podcast.

Please listen to the podcast at the link below:


Rob Goff: Funeral Director, Embalmer, and More:

Rob served as a WSFDA Board Member and a WSFDA Executive Board member. He is a Past President of the WSFDA. He is a licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer in the States of Washington and Idaho and has served in funeral service for over Thirty years. Rob also owns and operates Dignified Assurance Planning, an insurance agency that specializes in advanced funeral planning and pre-purchasing of funeral, cremation, termination, and alkaline hydrolysis services. Dignified Assurance Planning also offers trade and removal services throughout Washington State.

If you need after-death cleaning services throughout Washington or any other state, please reach out to Valor Technical Cleaning at 855-476-4911.